Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Budget chaos / Lebanon

The budget crisis gets more confusing.With no Presidential plan on the table, and no Democratic plan the only real plan is the House plan of cap-cut-balance that passed yesterday. .Now it appears that Sen. Reid will have the Dems filibuster this bill over the weekend.They would not be able to get 60 votes to stop that.But if it passes Obama has said he will veto it.
In addition the Gang of 6 has 3 pieces of paper with a trillion dollar tax increase, and McConnell-Reid still is a work in progress.In addition about 80 plus House Republicans so far, have signed a letter asking the Speaker not to bring the McConnell plan to the floor for a debate/vote.
Confused? Do you see an exit plan?

The dispute over the ocean demarcation between Lebanon and Israel is gettting
more vocal , as Hezbollah has threatened to rain rockets on all of Israel if rhey attack Lebanon.While it is primarily bluff,perhaps to draw attention away from the Hariri murder investigation,nevertheless Hezbollah takes its orders from Iran and the heat may be on them with the new nuclear disclosures.