Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nore debt talk-self sacrifice fro Obama

President Obama over and over again points to himself as an affluent citizen who could afford to pay more taxes.
Why doesn't he show leadership, self-sacrifice and patriotism by writing a check to the Treasury for lets say $100,000 dollars,A great "patriot" like him need not wait for Congress to pass a bill.
Then, we could ask the same of every multi-millionaire Democrat in Congress to follow suit.People like Sen. Kerry and down the line.Then he should turn to all of his corporate supporters like the head of GE, and Chief of Staff Daley to join the parade.
Who knows maybe we can raise a billion dollars from rich Democrats like Michael Moore and George Soros.

Having the switchboard at the Capital overloaded is not a substitute for policy leadership.If anything the left and right simply reinforced their views
The attempt by the Tea Party to hold a rally was a dud,and the the effort by a staffer to pressure Boehner is bush league politics.
Yes we have a problem and yes Obama is the problem.However, until the Dems are out of the WH and control of the Senate,some compromise will be required.