Thursday, July 21, 2011

oil at $100 / Haaretz / Housing tax

Now that oil has reached over 100 is clear that the Obama trick of releasing our from our reserves was silly, and did not work.
Like our position on Libya, where we have had a half baked policy, that after a billion dollars may or may not see Quadaffi go.In the meantime arms from Liby are now being smuggled into Gaza to be used by Hamas.
To bring down the price of oil, either you would have to have a major release of oil(unwise),or an announcement that we have opened up ANWAR and other sites to expedited drilling.

To read Haaretz is to get the impression that the charedim are taking over the IDF.It is to secularists a sad day that more and more combat units are not only made up of religiouis zioniists, but they are in the leadership officer roles.

I myself had an apartment in Netanya a number of years ago, that we used as a vacation home.The housing shortage especially in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv has led to the protest tent city in Tel Aviv.One of the proposals floated is to tax people who own apartments in Jerusalem, and do not have it rented out.
Depending upon how steep the tax would be, it might help with the problem,except owners who come for a month or two would prevent long term renters from becoming tenants.The answer also has to be more building permits in the areas aroun Jerusalem, including area A.