Tuesday, July 12, 2011


At the bottom of the debt fight is the goal of the Pres. to redistribute the wealth.
If you have worked hard,and been successful , or if you were fortunate to be born wealthy, the Pres. says you have a moral obligation to share your resources with the 49% of Americans who pay no tax.
And if you worked all your life,saved and would like to leave your children, and grandchildren the fruits of your labor-OH_NO says the Pres. that belongs to the State.
en. McConnell is correct.As long as Obama is President,there cannot be a full faith Democratic effort to cut spending.It is not in his Socialist blood.
The statement by Speaker Boehner behind closed doors today as printed by Fox on its website,is the strongest argument for the GOP to hang tough.
Yes, the market might fall temporarily,and I like others will be hurt.However if at the end Obama is defeated it will be well worth it.

The PA, cannot pay its salaries.One reason is that every Hamas person in jail (IN iSRAEL)is on the PA payroll.In addition Arab countries have reduced their contributions to 78 million, down from 462 million in'09.
The US gives 550 million annually.Thus the joint Congressional resolution that if the PA goes through with their shtick before the UN re: statehood, US aid will be cut off is a serious threat to them.

Israel and the US should hang tough.