Thursday, July 14, 2011

Eric Cantor / NGO investigation in Israel

Being retired,and a political junkie besides,allows me more time than normal to evaluate the cable/media coverage of events that are in the headlines.
The efforts of MSNBC and their talking heads, plus to a lesser degree CNN to portray Eric Cantor as being chidish, and unworthy of stitting at the table ,illustrates 2 points.
Firstly he is getting under Obamas skin, by being tough.and standing up for the principles that helped elect 83 conservative members of the Congress.He obviously is doing a good job for his cause.
The Pres. thought he could roll-over the Republicans with a combination of sweet talk and alternate it with grandiose promises, none of which he has written down.The bottom line, is more taxes, more spending all in the name of his social philosophy-redistribute the wealth.
So far he has failed, and he is pissed off!
The second is the tendency and even acceptable conduct by the left to demean, ridicule and insult their opposition.Nothing intellectual, or based upon facts.JUST SCARE TACICS, THREATS AND BULLYING.

The new debate in Israel is whether to initiate a knesset investigation into the funding sources of left wing- anti zionist NGO's.
It has long been accepted that the funding for organizations that run around and report each nail placed into a building in Jerusalem and Yehuda and Shomron comes from foreign countries and overseas individuals.
Thus, the Goldstone Report which he later partially retracted came from such Israeli groups.Two organizations mentioned are Yesh Din, and Physicians for Human Rights.
PM Netanyahu is against the investigation.However why should some Scandinavian country or a wealthy American citizen fund such groups.Usually they set these up as Tax-exempt organizations-therefore the donations in the US are tax deductible.
If the suspicions of outside countries etc. are wrong then let the matter be settled. If it is true, then legislation might be required to correct the situation,