Thursday, July 28, 2011


I do not know how the vote in the House will finally evolve.However,if as it seems it will pass, then I would recommend to Speaker Boehner that he pull an "Obama" on the subject.
He should go on TV, and urge Americans to swamp the WH and Dem Senatorial phones with a message to sign the bill and avoid an OBAMA DEFAULT.
If it passes tonite, and Reid's bill fails to get 60 votes, and unless the Dems can make some minor make-believe adjustments to save face,they will be left with 2 choices
1- kill the bill and bring on the Dem/OBAMA default, or
2- pass it.
In either case Obama loses- either a default, or a renewal of this debate next year.

Was Glen Beck right about what was being taught at that Norwegian youth camp?-anti-Israel propaganda?

The arrest of another Islamic US soldier in Fort Hood, raises new questions about the loyalty of US soldiers of the Islamic faith.No we should not generalize, however we should monitor what their chaplains are teaching them.