Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It is both crazy and scary.
We went out with friends for dinner,came back 3 hours later, and everything was topsy-turvy. The CBO scored the Boehner proposal as being insufficient to accomplish the debt reductione he desires.The GOP caucus in the House has rebelled against the Boehner plan as not meeting their demands for real serious cuts.The Speaker is rewriting the plan and the vote tomorrow has been cancelled until Thurs.The NYT now says Aug 2 is not the real cut-off date-more more likely it uis Aug 10.
It is pretty clear that the Reid plan will not get the 60 votes.
We have a battle between the victor in the 2006 and 2008 elections, versus 2010.This will not be solved until after 2010.
In the meantime the Pres. is concerned about his falling poll numbers.He keeps repeating the focus group motto-"balanced approach"which the Republicans have defined as "You pay and I spend".

The PA is crying to the Arab League that they and Hamas cannot pay the salaries of their ungeshtupped public workers-even as the US is paying 5 million dollars per day as salaries for Hamas-PLO terrorists in Israeli jails (as salaries).