Sunday, July 03, 2011


On June 28th, the Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace took out a full page ad in the NYT on page A5.
Any guess for the cost?
Danny Abraham is a man who can be described with the prefix "very "
He is a VERY nice soft spoken gentleman
He is a VERY wealthy individual(slimfast).
He IS VERY,VERY charitable.He has built or supported many synagogues such as the Netanya and West Palm Beach orthodox synagogues,as well as other causes.
He is VERY, VERY, VERY liberal or way left of the political spectrum.He always has been,and believes strongly in those issues.
For those who would like a more detailed history ,look up on Google "DANIEL ABRAHAM AND YASIR ARAFAT".
The President of his organization is Robert Wexler a former Dem. Congressman from Florida,another table thumping loud liberal in the style of Schumer and Weiner.
The ad touts a survey they conducted which claims that 80% of Israelis support.
Some of the points they raise,are surely accepted by all who believe in a 2 State solution (how many in their heart of hearts REALLY want a Palestinian tate ?) include-
Palestinian refugees to return only to a "Palestinian State".
-a demilitarized state and
2 states for 2 people(which I doubt such a margin accepts(80%).)
However when you talk about 1967 borders as the basis for a settlement (WITH LAND SWAPS) you start with a divided JERUSALEM, AND NETANYA WITHIN 7 MILES TO THE ARAB LANDS-AN INDEFENSIBLE POSITION.(The Obama plan-which not only Israelis oppose,but so does the Congress)this is an entirely different matter.
"The old City of Jerusalem within the walls,will be without sovereignty, and will be jointly administered by the United States,Israel and the Palestinians.The Holy places will be under the same religious supervision as they are today"
My only comment is that they really meant this last piece was OPPOSED by 80% of Jews.They must be smoking some funny stuff to think that Israel would consider giving away the sanctity of the Kotel and its sorrounding streets to Barack Obama and Abbas .They should have included the Pope as a landlord.