Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Turkey / MR ED

Turkey is demanding an apology from Israel and compensation for the flotilla incident.Thankfully Israel has said "NO" .even to a call from Hillary Clinton
(urging an apology).
The fact is that the UN report will prove ISRAEL RIGHT.
In fact,Turkey should apologize to Israel for allowing this illegal incitement to occur.It should also compensate Israel for the costs incurred with a large naval efforet, and the protection of Israeli seamen,doing their legal military assignment.
While they are at it,Turkey should also apologize for the Armenian slaughter by their troops.

I love to watch Mr Ed when Greta has such guests as the O'Donnell lady who is totally irrelevant in 2011(despite her book).
The hatred for anything "conservative" and the GOP lineup is most amusing,and makes for a good chuckle.