Thursday, August 11, 2011

Danny Abraham and the protests / Some questions

With the disclosure that Danny Abraham has given money to the protestors in the streets of Tel Aviv it becomes clear that aside from the legitimate demands of the people, there is an undertone of anti-Netanyahu and anti-settlements mischief.If Danny Abraham gives money you can be sure other left wing wealthy indidividuals are similarly involved.
The announcement that Israel will build large numbers of units in Har Homa C,and 3 different E. Jerusalem projects totalling 5400 units in the next few days is an important step.
Because of the breakdown of the oil pipeline from Egypt by sabatoge the electric rates were raised 10%.In general the macro-economy of Israel is doing very well.However, the cost of living is still quite unreasonable.Many who were brought up in "socialism" are not comfortable with large corporations or capitalism.They long for the welfare state.

Explain to me why if Arab countries including Saudia Arabia have withdrawn their Ambassadors from Syria,why the US has not followed suit?
And why don't we initiate charges of war crimes aghainst Assad?
Explain to me why Arab muslim nations are not aiding their starving brethren in Somali and relying on the US?
Explain to me why Sen. Kerry who told the press to not give equal coverage to the Tea Party,doen't do the same to Al Gore who seems to have lost it?