Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Chutzpah and minor league are the 2 words to describe Obama's attempt to schedule a joint session of Congress next week on the same nite as the Republican 2 hour televised Presidential debate.This is a cheap shot,unworthy of the WH.
As is, Cong Paul is objecting,and since Congress comes back that day,a rollcall vote will be needed.Speaker Boehner has asked the President to move his request to Thursday.

A new study by economists in Spain show that for every dollar the Govt. spends on "green" projects,2.2 jobs are "devoured".Green jobs are "economic losers,destroyers of wealth and productivity".

The administration directive to its embassies etc,directs them to shape the 9/11 message in universal terms.This is Obama at his best-avoiding American exceptionalism and our unique pain and suffering of the tragedy.
Another lame-brain idea is Mayor Bloomberg who is excluding clergy from the 9/11 ceremony.We are a nation that believes in G-d, and just as we open up our legislative sessions with a prayer,this solemn day should have our religious leaders (minus Islam- for obvious reasons) be a part of the ceremony.