Monday, June 13, 2011

Palin- Romney

How sick is the media! They have sent a huge number of reporters to examine the 24,000 e-mails of Palin.The NYT and W-PO have asked for citizen volunteers to examins the cartons of material.
Why? Because they hate her-and fear her.
She is not an office-holder,and was Gov. of a relatively obscure state.Yet every bus ride,every tweet dominates the news.And always they portray her as ignorant etc.
SUPRISE-the e-mails show a hard working concientious public servant without scandal.
Question-why doesn't the press go over Obama's emails to Pelosi etc on Obamacare. Or the Attorney General's e-mails on the Black Panthers whose case was thrown out.
It is obvious now, that the press especially the 2 mentioned above are appendages of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.
I really feel that the Obama era is coming to an end-he is or will soon be a lame duck before you know it.

While Romney is not my favorite,as he is too liberal.His health care bill, his acceptance of global warming and his support of ethanol subsidies make him the least favorable of the candidates,there is no question that Obama must be defeated And, if Romney is the candidate certainly we will support him.Yet I do not believe he will be the candidate,because by skipping the caucuses he illustrates his fear of party stalwarts.I believe Perry can be the one that conservaives can coalesce around.