Monday, June 27, 2011

Rabbi Lior / The flotilla ? Perry

The manner of arrest of Kiryat Arba Chief Rabbi Dov Lior was outrageous.His car was stopped in the tunnel outside his home,like a common criminal.
The charge is that he endorsed a book entitled ,Torat Hamelech, which deals with how to treat gentiles in time of war.
I have of course not read the book,however the Rabbi and other Torah scholars who have endorsed the book,did so on what they feel is solid Torah grounds.
The anti-religious attitude of the police is not acceptable.

The latest news from the proposed flotilla, is the desire to kill and maim Israeli soldiers with chemicals such as sulpher.As news stories have pointed out,there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.Every single product they need including new and fancy autos is available.
This is but a ploy to place Israel in a negative light, and is supported by Hamas activists.

What is Palin doing in Iowa? The poll numbers for Bachmann are impressive.
There is a op-ed quotyed today in Real Clear Politics by a columnist who was the first to predict an Obama victory 4 years ago.Today he predicts that Gov. Perry (m if he runs) will be our next President. I concur.