Tuesday, June 07, 2011

R wing conspiracy /U. N. doubletalk

I erred yesterday in sayng that the Aguda magazine touted Anthony Weiners attendance at their function. It was from a story in the 5 Towns Jewish newspaper..

The liberal blogs like DAILY KOS until Weiner came forward and admitted his actions,blasted Breitbart and the R wing blogosphere for every possible conspiracy they could imagine.Some are still claiming conspiracy.Reminds me of Hillary Clinton when Bill was a candidate and accused of womanizing ,and she claimed it was a "right wing conspiracy".

The UN High Commissioner for civil Rights questions Israel's use of live fire on innocent civilians.
What are they doing in a military zone? Who told them to enter minefields?
or to try to enter another country without permission and to bring back to their Syrian leaders a piece of the chain fence for a reward?
I am more than pleased the the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Eleana Ros-Lehntinin,has startrd to get support for a resolution that says that if the UN grants "Palestinian Statehood" we should withdraw financial support to the General Assembly.