Sunday, June 12, 2011


One has to ask what kind of a marriage does Anthony Weiner have? For 2 weeks he has been lambasted in the press, made fun of,humiliated in public,and yet his wife is still overseas.
Barbara Walters is alleged to have said that Weiner did this nonsense because his wife was always traveling.Such nonsense considering he did this before he was married.In addition the new pictures today in the House gym showing him holding his penis,now cement the charges that he used Govt. property to cook up his adventures.The liberal media will do anything to protect one of their own.
I guess in 2 years he can co-host a show with Elliot Spitzer.
To the person who told a reporter that in 2 years it will be all forgotten,I ask
would you be proud to tell your child that this creep was your Congressman? It has nothing to do with memory-it is the insult to the Institution of Congress that cannot be allowed to stand.