Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Fatah-Hamas / Iraq

The purported agreement between Fatah and Hamas egarding a new cabinet and PM
reinforces the concept that Israel has no partner for negotiations.Whether
Fayyad is PM or not,it does not change the equation
In Lebanon more bad news,as the Govt has just created a cabinet with a Hezbollah majority.Their goal to attack Israel.
There is no question that Israel is sorrounded by enemies.Whether they will go after Iran on their own remains to be seen.No way Obama has the stomach for it.Neither can he take a role in Syria's slaughter of its civil;ians.

How interesting that a group of 6 Congressmen were asked to leave Iraq,after they asked PERMISSION TO VISIT CAMP ASHRAF where 3000 Iranian dissidents are housed.There was a battle there with Iraqui soldiers.
After all of our soldiers-money and US blood -that's what you get.