Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Left wing Dems / Al Gore / Huntsman / NATO

As you read more details of the White House briefing by Obama to Dem. Jewish funders,you realize that they constitute to a hreat extent the left of the left.Some were the leaders of the Israel Policy Forum and other such groups.They would support Obama come hell or high water.
I am sure that old time senior pre-alzheimer Jews will votye for Obama.Howevever, if the margin can be cut by 10-15% that could help in a tight race.

When you read Al Gores comments on Obama,you realize the anger of the left with Obama on climate control, immigration,taxes,the wars etc.They have no other candidate to support. Enthusiasm or lack of it can influence fund raising and turnout.Thank G-d orthodox Jews do not listen to Gores' advice on population control( smaller families).

I am totally unimpressed with Gov. Huntsman.He is out raising money from homosexual groups,favors same sex marriages,and I have not heard a word regarding Israel from him.His family gave 25,000 dollars to Harry Reids campaign.

What with Italy withdrawing from the NATO libyan force,and the US in a stste of denial,with Congressional pressures mounting, NATO is showing its true colors.
In the Cold War,they were a force to be reckoned ith.Now with budget problems and a lack of unity,it is time for the US to re-evaluate our defense needs.What with cradle to grave socialism,Europe has cut its defense budget and placed all the hopes and needs on the backs of our country.We can no longer afford it,and we cannot depend upon them.