Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Press

Instead of describing the NJ bill that addresses the problems of public employee pensions as a fiscal solution,the press describes it as "anti-union".
Yes unions are not happy to have their wings clipped,howevever the goal is not to destroy them 'a priori',but rather to save the State from fiscal disaster.
Which brings me to the concerted attack on Michelle Bachmann by every channel, as though one individual is sitting in a control booth and directing the liberal onslaught.
When Barack O)bama faced the press while running for Pres.,no one asked him if the fact that he voted "present" 27 times in the Illinois State Senate was a sign thet he was "a flake".Yet the attacks on conservative ,strong and principled women in the GOP , make for ridicule, attack and an attempt to smear them.
I believe that these attacks will backfire-giving Bachmann greater exposure as she forcefully defends her positions.She is now no. 2 in New Hampshire.
Gov. Perry even without announcing is no 2 in the Tea Party.
Honestly I don 't know what the Tea Party is.Howevever their views on cutting the budget and cleaning out Washington-balanced budget amendment etc-seem reasonable to me.

How low and demeaning can you get when the Pres and V.P. sell a chance to have dinner with them for 5$., or to taste thw WH Chef's food.Please-Is there no dignity left?