Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gay Marriage - Term limits

I have often stated in trhis blog that I am not homophobic.Throughout my medical carfeer,I treated with dignity and compassion many homosexualo patients.
However morally and theologically I cannot agree with the concept of " gay marriage". To me a maRrriage can onlybe between a man and a woman.
The State can make whatever legal contracts for insurance, estates etc between 2 men or 2 women.However a marriage contract is an oxymoron.
I don't care what polling numbers say.As a matter of fact that goes along with what I wrote last week about the reaction to Weiner.The morals of this society change based UPON PR, THE MEDIA ETYC.
True ethics and morality from uur Torah is eternal and never-changing.

Barbara Walters takes the cake.she is worried that Weiner has no profession-how will he make a living?.
Of course he brought this upon himself.
Howevever this brings up an interesting point.A man like Weiner, and there are many like him in goverment, never worked a day in their life outside of govt.Their only frame of reference to prosperity is soak the rich-more taxes-more govt spending etc
This is a good reason for term limits-let's get representatives with real world-life experiences.