Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bibi's son / Republicans on Libya

Bibi Netanayahu's 17 year old son has created a hooha by telling the truth on Facebook.He wrote " terror has a religion-and it is Islam".Everyone is up in arms with all kinds of apologia.The truth hurts!

I believe the Republican House vote on Libya had nothing to do with creeping isolationism.Rather, there are a number of factors involved.
1-Frustration over the President not consulting Congress as per the War Powers Act.
2-The conduct of the war-now over 4 months witrh no plan for victory.The US is half in and half out.NATO is withering within our eyesight.Bomnbing on Tripoli apparently has nothing to do with"humanitarian" concerns,and are killing civilians.
3-Obama is not leading, but giving Americans the mickey mouse excuse that it is not our war.yet we supply the munitions.
4-The cost is getting past a billion dollars,and with our economy, appears to be wasted.
He is a failure as a "foreign policy" leader.To wit the silly political act of releasing the oil, just as oil prices were declining.In addition opening the reserves should be reserved for true emergencies, not falling poll numbers.
In addition his lack of leadrship on Syria and Iran are 2 more examples of a failed presidency.