Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Ob ama and Jerusalem / Palin is not the answer,and may be the problem

It is obvious that the "honeymoon" between Obama and Bibi is over.Todays editorial in the WSJ ,although short is right on target.
To choose to criticize Israel in a Moslem country that won't let Jews in, is the height of arrogance.One does not hear any criticism from his fellow Dems.Jerry Nadler for example is more interested in Bush waterboarding 9/11 terrorists than Jerusalem.(sadly he is a fellow Crown Heights Yeshiva alumnus).

Although some magazines are touting the power of Palin,I believe she has one major drawback-She can get to 40-45% but not 50%.
It was the Tea party that caused the Republicans to lose the Senate.By supporting kookie candidates, they forced voters to hold their noses and vote Democratic.Nevada,Colorado,Delaware are 3 examples.The influence of money, can help in a primary but if the candidate for example never voted in previous election,(as in Calif) or whose claim to fame is wrestling (vs Cong Simmons -0a former CIA operative and Cong.) or refusal to meet the press (Angle) this is bad.Even Joe Miller in her Alaska homestate, was not ready for prime time.
Populism has its place, and Rubio is so far placing into perspective his conservatism but also his ability to communicate.Remember,he was Speaker of the Fl legislature,and has the scars to show for it.