Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The A irport patdown

I recently wrote about security and check-in in Tel Aviv.Of course 1 national airport is not comparable to our multiple airports.Yet even to the untrained eye you can determine that a sophisicated mult-layer approach is in place.
As your taxi or car enters the airport,you must stop and at times be questioned as to where you have been coming from etc.
As you get off the bus or car in front of the building, besides cameras there are many youmg people sitting and oberving the behavior of the people for signs of nervousness.
Then every person lines up, and security agents do a brief interview.True to someone like me wearing a skullcap,carrying my talit, with so many stamps of Israel in my passport,it appears over the top.Yet,one cannot deny their effectiveness.However they are trained to try to trick you-ie relatives in Israel,places visited etc.
Then each checked bag will either go through a machine in front of you,or if they are satified, will allow you tro proceed to the check-in, or if you answer that the bags were not with you from the time of packing-will be sent over to a desk to visually go through the contents with you standing there.In essence you confirm that the bag was packed in the manner now before the agent.
Then the check-in,and security again with your carry-on.You do not have to take off your shoes as you go through the line.No big deal wityh small medicine bottles.
The security is not based on ethnic factors alone,but how you act,when did you buy your ticket? is it one way? etc. Then if needed, you are taken to a private room for more questions and searching.
There is no public patting down,or putting your hands on the groin of a 90 year old nun or invalid who does not otherwise fall into a high risk category.
Our system is broken,because
1-the beauracrats who make policy are former politicians,and not involved in security
2-we are worried about political correctness.
Not one person has been dicovered carrying explosives bour techniques!