Monday, November 08, 2010


I thank Elli for his blogging.
It is amazing that Pelosi et al, are still in a state of denial.If they basically re-elect the same leadership with Pelosi as Minority leader,and the same liberal senior age team ,it would appear to me that they will be spending 2 years fighting the negative ads about her .
The Weekly Standard has a tongue in cheek article suggesting that Dems. do just that-keep Pelosi as a WAY OF INSURING A 2012 VICTORY-FOR THE REPS.

I am sure El-Al has the best security,although it appears to me that the disregard fot the passengers is worse than ever.The lines were longer,and often a line did not have a security person available, while many of them just walked back and forth talking to one another.
While the staff goes through the motions on the plane,they lack the warmth and cordiality of Singapore Air or Cathay Pacific.
We had one carry-on for Sheila and myself.The woman behind the check-in asked to weigh the carry-on.Even though we only had 1 large piece of baggage,and were well under the wt. limits.She said the carry-on was too heavy, and that we should remove some items.(not to place them in the checked luggage,but to make the carry-on lighter).I took out my Talis and Tfillin,and Sheila took out another bag.
The young lady was satified,as she put a blue sticker on the carry-on.Thus we walked away,with a rolling carry-on,and the 2 items loose in our hand until we turned the corner,whereupon we re-inserted them into the carry-on.