Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SHEKER / we have to be thorough and fair in reducing our debt

That I think the peace process is sham is of course well known.The only time that for a mini-moment when I saw Rabin and Arafat shake hands on the WH lawn,I stood,had tears in my eyes and prayed that maybe "this is the moment of peace".
It was not too long after that that I began writing op-eds,and testifying in Congress against the lies of the PLO.
Today after Gaza and Lebanon , it is clear that there can never be peace until the Arabs start accepting the reality of Israel as a Jewish State.
Thus when this week the PA attacks the ownership of the Kotel as Arab property ,on the one hand it is disgusting,and on the other it is part of the Delegitimatization and dejudiazation campaign of the Arabs.
The whole back and forth with the freeze, including all the deals with planes and veto promises is all SHEKER -ONE big lie.
it is now being pointed out, Congress would have to APPROVE THE PLANE SALE.
Israel should say- NO THANKS

Nobody likes to pay more taxes,or to lose deductions and so I have a guarded reasponse to the bipartisan Commission on reducing our debt.
If everyone has to suffer equally fine-however,I do not see getting rid of Obamacare-1 trillion dollars, or revising all the union contracts and pensions for govt. employees.
Public hearings that include all of the potential areas such as farm subsidies,the crazy subsidies for ethanol,and the creation of a govt-subsidized "green-energy" industry are worthy areas of investigation.

By the way Congress shoulod look at the lobbying efforts for these new x-ray scanners!