Monday, November 22, 2010


The vote today by the knesset to force any withdrawal from the Golan or E. Jerusalem be subject to a super-knesset majority of 80 votes, or a vote of the Israeli people,is long overdue.
The pressure Israel is under daily from the US, UN, and the EU, in addition to the left might if the circumstances were correct,potentially allow for members of the knesset to bribed.Giving a new Volvo is an old trick( to a swing voter).
Once Israel withdraws it is irreversible short of the next war.

The announcement that N. Korea has 2000 centrifuges,and is involved in enriching uranium, is another failure for our most incompetent and ill-prepared President.
In truth Bush shares the blame in Korea, and in Iran.
Our policy is weak, impotent and based on talking and not on might.The world and the US may unfortunately have to deal with the results of both of these failures.