Thursday, November 11, 2010

Progressive delusion / Obama /Clinton reward PA for ?

"Unto thyself always be true"-or something like that.The worst thing that a supposedly mature person can do is to delude themselves and not face facts.
There are reports that the WH is prepared to compromise over the Bush tax cuts-namely avoiding a TAX INCREASE FOR ALL BRACKETS.
Now come some "progressives" who are angry and believe Obama should fight because 98% of the nation would support him.The problem is that as Rasmussen and others have shown well over 50% of America supports a continuation of the Bush tax cuts for everyone.
The liberal idea that the Dems lost because Obama was not liberal enough,is pure nonsense,and is not borne out by the numbers.

Why did Clinton give $ 150 million to the PA?
Was it because they are prepared to stop their nonsense re."settlements" and an insistence on the" right of return" etc?
Why is the Obama/Clinton team picking a fight with Bibi?
Don't they realize they are only strenghthening the hand of FM Lieberman,who could be the next PM if Bibi compromises.Yesterday Lieberman correctly said "no more freezes ,not even for a day.If there is pressure,apply it to the PA"
Finally-where is the pressure on the Arab League to support the PA,the refugees and the moribund peace process?