Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Anyone who is not a Liberal with a capital L knows that the mainstream media and the major networks are anti- Republican, anti-conservative and anti-Fox.Now comes an objective study from the Media Research Center that documents their bias.
From Sept 1 to Oct 25, the 3 networks had 35 stories that labeled Tea Party and Republican candidates as extremists, but 0 Dems were so described.
Reporters called 48 candidates conservative , but only 14 liberal.No candidate was called "ultra-liberal", but Miller and O'Donnell were called "ultra-conservative".
What happens next Tues and Wed when as predicted there is a blow-out for the Reps,is hard to predict.If Raese (W. Va)) and Kirk (Ill) win, they will be seated immediately.
Right now, it looks like Harry Reid will be out of a job.I try to follow all the polls, and all the political blogs I have time for,and it appears that 55-65 House seats and 8 or 9 Senate seats-(could there be a 10th) will change hands.What a wave!

The new Frank Luntz poll of Union members showing that the majority are not happy with the hundreds of millions of dollars spent by unions on the Democratic party.Remember,these funds are union dues,and 1 or 2 unions even went out to borrow money to send to the campaigns.Will there be a price to pay by the union leadership-especially if their candidates lose?