Monday, October 18, 2010

A 50-50 tie

It now appears that the House will switch to the Rep side.Rasmussen says +55.others say that as much as 100 ALL-DEMOCRATIC seats are in play.
However the Senate still has at least 5 States that could determine
control.The Reps need a 10 seat pickup to gain control.If it should occur that they gain 9, then the count will be 50-50 and VP Biden will cast the tie-breaking vote to organize the Senate.Obviously he will choose the Dem candidate.
Let us look ahead to 2012 at the State of Conn. Joe Lieberman is up for re-election.Remember 4 years ago he lost in the Dem. primary to the left wing Lamont,and ran as an In dependent.
In 2 years he has a problem, he cannot run again as a Democrat-he already lost that battle.Even if he played makeup with some party leaders,he would again face a left wing challenge.
The people of Conn. already look upn him as a Republican.If he switched parties and cast the 51st vote for the Rep.,he would be the party nominee.Of course he would have to get some guarantees from Sen. Demint and other right wingers, that they will not support another candidate against him in the Rep. primary.There are no guarantees in life or politics, but for him and the country it would be the best thing .
The only other possibility for a party switch is Sen. Ben Nelson who already has said he will not switch.