Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Time for the election season to end

Honestly I am getting tired of this election season.The constant polling, the constant repitition of the Tea Party influence, and Greta every nite bringing on Palin ,O'Donnell getting under my skin.
Of course Sheila and I voted already by absentee ballot in Florida-we will be in Israel on election day.
In truth although I pray for a big Republican win,a number of their candidates are kooks.Angle, O'Donnell, Rand Paul are at the top of the list.
Glenn Beck is scary.Palin does not have the qualifications and stability to be President.If they lose the Senate because of Del or Nev that is her fault.
So far,Gov. Christie of NJ ,though not a handsome man, is tough and seems to have the right formula.
Why Arnold endorsed Crist in Fl is a mystery to me.Rubio is over the 50% point level.
In truth Obama ,Biden and Company have lied and distorted the issues and they deserve not only to lose,but to be run out of town.Some of them will be!