Tuesday, October 12, 2010

our educational system / Enlarging the coalition

My wife Sheila came home today with an unbelievable insight into the LOW level of education that we see in the marketplace.
She was at a local major supermarket and had a voucher for yahrzeit lamps (memorial candles) that the store had run out of previously.The voucher said "3 for one dollar,limit 4".She took 4 to the checkout counter.The woman said she could not figure out how much to charge.
Sheila responded " $1.33 0r $1.34".The woman behind the counter suspicious that Sheila was cheating asked her to prove her math-however she could not follow,and called a manager.
He likewise could not figure it out,and therefore told the clerk to charge her ond dollar for the four.
The sales slip said "4 items at 25 cents each"
G-d bless America!

The call to change the makeup of the Netanyahu coalition is really an attempt by the left wing in Israel to give away Jerusalem and half of Israel.They lost the elections,and the right wing wing and the public support a hard approach to Obama and blackmail.In fact if elections were held today Ehud Barack would be out of a job(perhaps 8 seats).
In Washington the cry is that after the elections the WH will return to the hard line of 2 years ago.
THE PROBABLE LOSS OF AT LEAST ONE AND POSSIBLY BOTH hOUSES OF CONGRESS, thus a more conservative pro-Israel voice in the Congress.
The '12 elections will be underway, and Obama has enough problems with Jews in the fund-raising dept.