Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The end is near / A Taliban victory

Each hour brings conflicting polls.For exmple a Dem. polling group says Sestak is now ahead by 1 point in Pa., while Rasmussen has Toomey up by 10.I guess that is all part of our silly season.
What is not ok is the avalanche of attacks by the Dems without substantiation.When the WH keeps saying that foreign money is fueling the GOP, and despite many attempts to get to the bottom of it,no proof is forthcoming , that is dishonest.
Their answer is "prove to me we are wrong"!
In fact independent fact checkers have indeed proven them wrong,but that won't stop them.
Their goal,as documented by the WSJ,get the names of contributors,so Unions and Move-on.org can harrass them.
They attack Reps.,for wanting to add a VAT, but neglect to say that this would be in lieu of a federal income tax.
They attack Reps who want to discuss privatizing a portion of social security.However, they neglect to say, that this even if passed would not affect any current ss recipients,and that it would be optional,and would if chosen only involve a portion of a persons funds.
At one time in my life I entertained a possibility of running for Congress.Of course I am now too old,but more importantly the need to raise such huge sums of money, and the personal attacks from both parties that distort your life and your every statement has taken the desire from me.

Todays op-ed in the WSJ on talking to the Taliban is a must read. As a veteran of Vietnam I then watched closely the pseudo-negotiations in Paris (I believe) with the Viet Cong and the North, which led to our defeat.By agreeing to sit with them, rather than defeating them,we guarantee a Taliban victory