Tuesday, October 26, 2010


A UN envoy equated a few settlers allegedly destroying olive trees with Hamas terrorism.Suicide bombers,rocket throwers kidnappers,armed thugs who care nothing fOr human life or dignity vs. unproven charges of olive tree destruction.
The other day,after the NPR incident,on one of the internet sites, a well known Arabist in defending NPR, wrote what would have happened if I said every time I get on a plane and see someone wih a yarmulka I get frightened.
I have tried to recall the last othodox Jew who blew up a plane,hijacked a plane,went on a suicide mission and threatened to destroy any non-judaic part of the world.
Anti-semites need no logic to spit out their distorted words.
Sadly we give too much credence to such statements,which allow the world to comment..