Monday, October 25, 2010

Foreclosure solution / A different yeshiva life

I totally understand that the foreclosure mess is compounded by the messy and perhaps illegal paperworks that banks and law firms undertook to close the books on poor loans.
Up to now the spotlight has been on these banks and mortgage foreclosure mills.If they have done things wrong-of course that should be straightened out and if illegal, then criminal prosecution.
However,we are neglecting the role of the homeowner who has not paid their monthly mortgages for many, many months and even years.And they, they are still in their homes.
I propose that the Judges who oversee these cases document non-payment TO ANY BANK OR ENTITY AND a)have the people make payments to the court or b) absent that,the people should be removed from their homes,the Court should take over the possession of the home,and allow its sale and then the money going into escrow,and when the paperwork straightened the true owner(BANK) WILL GET ITS FUNDS,WHILE THE HOUSE CAN NOW BE LEGALLY SOLD.

We did some babysitting in Teaneck this past week for our grandchildren.I recall that when I was in elementary school Yeshiva,there were no school organized sports activities.In high school,there was a school baskeball team but ,that was it.
Today, hockey, wrestling, little league baseball are standard for almost all of the modern yeshiva Day Schools.Everyone one desires can participate ,or try out for the school teams.What a wonderful advancement, to help these young
people become all around and healthy members of our community.