Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Palestinian State / The Elections

The threat of the PA to have the UN declare a Palestinian State-is just that -a political threat.
Israel holds all the cards-the money that is transferred to the PA-the borders and freedom of movement for PA police, and their arms.
A State on a piece of paper without an airport-seaport or border crossing and having hundreds of thousands of Jews living in their "State"is just a joke.
The US could not politically recognize such a farce-except after 2012 if G-d forbid Obama is re-elected.
There is now beginning to hear rumblings in Israel,of new elections.Will Labor leave the coalition?That would still leave Bibi with a WORKING MAJORITY.HOWEVER THE BATTLE BETWEEN BIBI AND lIEBERMAN MAY INCREASE OVER WHO IS THE KING OF THE RIGHT WING.This could puish Bibi toward elections.

The peace process is over and another wakeup call for the Obama who walks on water and who promised a new era in Iran,Israel,N.Korea and Central America.The interests of countries are not determined by lofty speeches, but by political and military-economic strength in addition to their own self interests.

Rasmussen predicts a 55 vote gain for the Republicans in the House,enough to take over-perhaps Nancy will retire.
The Senate control will depend on the last 2 weeks in about 5 races.In any case, the Administration is through with left wing policies that can pass Congress,as well as left wing Supreme Court nominees that will have to face a more conservative Senate.