Thursday, October 21, 2010


Much has been written and said in the last 24 hours on the NPR decision to fire Williams.
We always knew that NPR was a left leaning org.Liberalism in America today does not respect different points of view,nor do they care about protecting free speech-if the words come from a conservative.
Women liberals not only attack viciously female conservatives, not for their political views, but for their humanity and lack of intelligence.
Liberals today refuse for the most part to admit that radical Islam is a wotldwide criminal-fascist movement that seeks to destroy our way of life.Islam claims it is a religion of peace,but all we see are terrorists,suicide bombers,and hate propoganda.
If there are moderate Islamic leaders,where are they? what have they done to counteract the radicals?
By accepting money from Soros,and inferring that Williams fears need to be addressed by a psychiatrist NPR has shown they are not objective, and should lose their tax-exempt status.If there are federal funds -they should be rescinded.
In fact the fears of Williams about getting on a plane,probably are the fears of 90% of Americans.