Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bibi /The elections

If reports that Bibi is about to restart the settlement freeze are true it would be sad.
Thomas Friedman, who is no friend of the nationalist-zionist camp, is seen as begging "why can't you give Obama 2 months", as though Israel has not made concession after concession.
It is a shame that after 62 years of statehood,Israel has to insist that the PA recognize ISRAEL AS A jEWISH sTATE.
There can never be peace,if the price is to divide Jerusalem, or the "right of return"
The recent attempt to stir up the waters be calling for the abolishment of the Chief Rabbinate will not help unite the country or solve the conversion issue.The
only ones who would gain are the American Reform and Conservative clergy who have no constituency in Israel.
I do agree that pressure must be placed by Bibi on the Chief Rabbinate to once and for all accept the Conversion process within the IDF.

I will be in Israel on election day,therefore will not participate in what should be a festive moment.However, some of the races are so close, and there will be contested write-ins, so that the final decision could be weeks and months away.
Illinois,W. Va and I believe a third state will seat their winners the day after election day.Thus the results could hinder (or help) Harry Reid if he wants to sneak in some post-election nonsense.