Monday, September 13, 2010

The Bibi-Abbas talks / Pin the c

One of the interesting sidebars of the negotiations in the ME is the 1 year time limit given to the negotiators.
Two of the key issues beyond the settlement construction are jerusalem and the right of return.Since if there would ever be an agreement, it would require concessions by both sides.One could not expect Bibi to turn to the Israeli people one morning and say well tomorrow we will divide Jerusalem,or next month we will evacuate 60,000 100,000 settlers and expect that his government will stand. Nor can the govt. bring this about-if ever- without months and years of education.
In the absence of such a process it is probable that no deal is politically possible.For indeed even on the Palestinian side, there is no preperation for saying-No ,once we get a State,Arabs will not ever be able to think about living in Israel.
The big question of course is will Abbas pull out when Bibi says we will only build 2500 and not 22,000 units.He would insult Obama, but his Arab supporters would cheer.

Isn't it time for the Republican Party to publicly pin down all candidates in the upcoming election and ask them.
are you prepared to vote to overturn or defund Obamacare?
are you prepared to vote to prevent tax hikes in Jan?
If cap and trade comes back in the next congress, will you oppose?
and so on.