Thursday, September 16, 2010


FOR ALMOST 10 MONTHS there was a construction freeze-yet Abbas and Co. did nothing but agitate against Israel in the UN and EU etc.
Now when Bibi has spent a great geal of political capital on holding to the freeze,suddenly they want a total freeze, or perhaps a 3 month freeze.
Sec. Clinton and the Pres. did not play right by calling for a total freeze even before the talks got underway. Why should any party to a negotiations give away a key element before the talks get started without a reciprocal concession.
I have no idea what is in Bibi's mind,however he will look like a weak leader if he gives in now.The mortar attacks from Gaza,while done to break up progress, nevertheless prove that until Hamas is destroyed there can be no peace, and Abbas is half a partner( if that! )
I have seen no polls as to what would happen if Bibi compromises,probably because most people feel this is all a stage act. Izi Liebler, in todays JP, writes there is a zero chance of success.