Tuesday, September 14, 2010


The polls have not yet closed.However it is becoming clearer that the electorate is not only rejecting Obama,but the professional "elite" political class.This includes the COMMITTEE cHAIRMAN FROM SAFE DISTRICTS THAT EASILY GET RE-ELECTED LIKE RANGEL( even if he wins tonite) FOR 40 YEARS,THE PROFESSIONAL STAFFS THAT WRITE 2000 PAGE BILLS THAT NO MEMBER OF cONGRESS CAN ABSORB OR UNDERSTAND.
Most people do not believe that Washington listens or cares.Moreover the people sorrounding Obama who ran such a brilliant campaign,convinced themselves that they know what is best for America.And if you don't support it now,you will in the future.
The Dems have forgotten that in America when we see success,such as a large salary or beautiful car etc,we don't say "how come the govt "Won'tt DO THAT FOR ME?"-_no , we say this is the land of opportunity,and the grandson or son of an immigrant can go to Medical School, or open a business.I don't envy wealth I would like my children and grandchildren to succeed I only ask the govt.-keep your hand off my money!and don't play the race card or make rules that union lobbyists insert to screw the populace.
By the way the MSNBC commentators who rail against the millionaires=WHAT DO THEY MAKE PER YEAR?
My final thought -when Obama talked of opening up govt.,people believed there was change in the future. However he turned everything over to Pelosi,Rahm, and the Chicago machine-like strong arm tactics. They never were able to transform from campaign mode to governing.They now will pay the price.