Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I watched the Hannity-Rove fireworks last nite with disbelief.We should not assume that there is no possibility of a Republican victory in Del.
Firstly there was a relatively high turnnout-close to 60,000`voters-perhaps close to double that which was expected.
Secondly all nite,even on MSNBC, I never heard one word regarding the Dem. nominee Coons.Who is he?
Thirdly we must factor in the enthusiasm of the conservative electorate.
Fourth- if there is a "wave" for Republicans, then Angle and O'Donnell might be swept in.
Fifth-today's Rasmussen shows Angle-Reid tied.A few weeks ago, Dems were jumping for joy.They said a Reid victory is assured.
The Dems should be careful of that which they hoped for.
This season is a test for Palin ( and DeMint). If the Republican gain control of the Senate ,and include Nevada and/or Del, she will be a hero,and be on the way toward the Rep. nomination.
If however they lose these states, and with them the control of the Senate her gambit will have faied.
Until yesterday I had mixed feelings about the Castle race.-a liberal vs winning the Senate.
While driving in the car in the early afternoon,I heard Rush Limbaugh who brought up that Castle had voted to support hearings on whether to impeach Bush on Iraq.That plus his vote on Cap and Trade-sealed it in my mind.Better a real Dem than a RINO(Rep. in name only).

I reccomend that you read an article in the Tues Wash Times by former CIA Director Woolsey and others on SHARIA-A SECOND OPINION IS NEEDED.-Right now you can can catch it on RCP (realclearpolitics)