Sunday, September 19, 2010


In addition to the problem of rockets from Gaza,is the growth of Islamic fundamentalism in the area. Today is a report that a large group destroyed and burnt to the ground a water park in Gaza. Their sin-too much fun-or males and females in the water together.
As long as these people control Gaza, all the economic improvements,all the internet access and so on will not change the basics- this group is not willing to allow anyone to live in modernity or peace.
Thus, Abbas could never agree to any agreement that involved concessions to the Jews, as long as he has Hamas looking over his shoulder.

With all the talk of a Palin Presidency, I would go back to a blog I wrote a long time ago.I like her instincts, and I am a fiscal consrvative,so that this area appeals to me.
When we come to "social" conservative, I have my own feelings.I favor stem cell research.
By Jewish law, an embryo is not a human life until 30 days of gestation,and that is my criteria for abortion.I am against abortion at will, however rape,medical condition of the mother etc should be groungs for termination.
However, my main problem is that I believe Palin needs not just instinct, but a world-experience.She should use the next few months to travel the world, meet world leaders,and perhaps the Press.
She should develop a cadre of known foreign policy experts, to analyze and think-tank the various areas of the world and prepare internal papers that will show America she is ready for the big-time..