Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fayyad walks 'Harry loses

After all the conferences and diplomacy, it was quite amazing to see PA PM Salam Fayyad stalk out of a meeting withy Danny Ayalon, because the PA would not agree to a statement that included " 2 states for 2 people".
It appears that the Arabs want a Palestinian State for themselves, and a bi-national State for Jews and Sarabs.The Palestinian Courts have ruled that if an Arab sells his propeerty to a Jew,he will get the death penalty.

There appears no sign of compromise on the part of the PA,and the threats to walk after the moratorium are getting monotonous.Similary the threats by Ahjmedijean in the UN today.
America should have walked out.
What kind of an organization is the UN , that allow someone to threaten war on the world?

Harry Reid lost his gamble today on the Defense bill.DADT ,and immigration reform arre serious subjects that deserv their own free-standing bills. .