Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The world and Israel | Geoge Soros and J streeet

If G-d forbid, Israel were to be destroyed . then our Pres. B. Hussein Obama, the EU, the UN ,the Quartet etc., would be
making the most elegant eulogies.
Howevever, as long as Jews are aive and have a free country sorrounded by passionate enemiesthey will do everything in their power to isolate and delegitimize them.
The UN is so tainted, that whether it is Iran,the flotilla,the Goldstone Report and so on,you realize that there is no way for Israel to survive while keeping to their ( UN) guidelines.( and fight terrorism).
There is no reason to renew the building ban.There is no possibility that Israel can move 100,000 or more people without bringing society down.
The goal should be to destroy Hamas, so that any negotiating partner truly represents all of their people and all of their territory.-in the meantime build up Jerusalen which is our capital, and Judea and Samaria.

The story in the Washington Times revealing how the J Street people lied about their financial supporters is a must read, as is a followup article ( op-ed) by Lenny Ben David in todays JP.This small group of left-wingers ,including a mystery lady from Hong Kong are the sole reason this group like Move-On .Org can spew out anti-Israel propaganda, including a recent full page ad in the NYT.

This will be my last blog until I get up from Shiva on Thurs.Perhaps one of my sons will blog after yom tov.