Tuesday, August 31, 2010

West Bank violence / The Wave ? / Iraq

Since I will be going onto the hospital for a day or 2 for surgery-if my son Elli has the time he will blog.
The tragic death of the 4 Israelis including a pregnant woman once again shows the attitude of Hamas and the other terrorist organizations to civilian life.
The only response is to catch the murderers,but at the same start building in the settlements in their memory.

The polls keep showing a 'WAVE' in Nov. for the Republicans.This is true especially in the House.Dick Morris and others believe 11 Senate seats are not impossible.Should that become true,the Republicans must act in a deliberate manner,to carry out a "grand scheme" re. Obamacare, the economy and jobs.They cannot let Obama set the agenda.

With 50,000 troops in Iraq, no stable govt in sight,and the violence still present,today is not a victory lap.There still can be a civil war,or new elections in the near future." It is not over until the fat lady sings."