Monday, August 23, 2010

Peace talks / Australia elections

The demand that Israel renounce settlement activity even before the talks begin is really a smokescreen.
Arafat negotiated even while settlements were being built.Any activity whether in Jerusalem or beyond,is being undertaken in areas that will never be given back to the PA in any agreement.
What you have is Abbas reacting to his critics by saying, DON'T CRITICIZE IT WILL BE OVER BEFORE YOU KNOW IT.AS ALWAYS,THEY WILL MISS ANOTHER OPPORTUNITY ,as they witness facts being created on the ground.
While,it is probable that the newest Iranian drone is just hype,the Govt of Israel cannot sit idly by, and watch the DAYS FLOW INTO MONTHS AS IRAN GETS CLOSER TO A NUCLEAR WEAPON.
Should Israel attack,that will cut negotiations off the chart for another 2 years,while the Hezbollah,Hamas and Iranian issues are cleared up.

It is interesting to read about the Australian elections.and the comments in the op-ed and editorial page of the WSJ as to the possible lessons for America-namely the end of big spending defecit government.As England seems to be straightening out their financial mess,including revamping their socialized medicine,hopefully we will be next to kick the left wing out of govt.