Thursday, August 12, 2010


Since I am packing up ready to return Sunday to NJ,I will try to 'bulletenize' my points.
.- How sad to see Sen. Schumer toasting Charlie Rangel at the Plaza last nite
Chuck- don't you have a sense of morality?
.-All the hullabaloo about the Jet Blue attendant is misplaced.To me it would be like a surgeon getting angry at socialised medicine in the middle of the procedure-curse everyone out, and leave the patient on the table.
Yes dealing with the public can be frustrating, but this attendant was responsible for the safety -including the mental health of the passengers-He failed,and he is not a hero.
.- the headlines that Obama night meet Ahmedajean in NY is truly outrageous.

.- the anger of the left is off the chart-to wit wishing Palin dead,or Cindy Sheehan getting into a 'pis---g match with the WH press chief Gibbs.

.- The Pew report regarding the number and percentage of children born in the US to illegal aliens is frightening.The 14th amendment was never meant to cover this epidemic.

.- Time after time we see that the public employees unions their outrageous pension plans are one of the prime causes of bankrupting our cities and states.