Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Mosque

I believe many of the individuals who either support the mosque or are on both sides are wrong/
Take Sen. Jack Reed, a fine honest, Vietnam veteran who I was friendly with when I was involved.
He said if the mosque will be used to preach moderation-great-if not then he would oppose.
Firstly what do you expect them to say!
Name me one mosque in America that talks and acts for moderation.For example condemn 9/11 without lawyerly clauses, condemn, Hamas, talk about, the right to build a church or synagogue in Saudi Arabia.
And then how can you check what they are preaching behind closed doors?
How can they raise 100 million dollars without the Saudis and other such anti-Christian and anti-semitic sources.
My solution is to have Congress pass a resolution or bill naming the site a National Monument since the plane that crashed into the Tower had parts that landed on the building.
In essence Islam today is not a legitimate religion in the sense that they are not a religion of peace and violate our laws.When a religion advocates polygomy or child sex, we send them to jail.Sharia Law cannot be allowed in this country This is what they advocate.
The A-G of NY can inspect the books of this charity Cuomo should do this immediately.