Tuesday, August 03, 2010

roocket attacks / victory no 1 against OBAMACARE

The rockets into Eilat and the fighting in the North,all point to an attempt to kick up enough dirt ,that will put a damper on peace talks.
It is reminiscent of pre- 1967 when Russia falsely told Syria and Jordan that Israel was going to attack them.Despite assurances,the Jordanians attacked and lost Jerusalem,and the Syrians lost the Golan.
Now it is Iran that is stirring the pot in the hope of diverting attention from their nuclear program and their role in terrorism.

Victory no 1
The Federal Court victory in refusing to throw out the Virginia case against the individual mandate in Obamacare is significant and the first step toward overturning the law.
No it cannot be repealed while he is Pres.,however the Reps. can starve the programs by using the budget process