Thursday, August 19, 2010

Obama the more than PINTELE MUSLIM

If you read most of the political blog sites that I went to today there is a repitition in reporting on the story that many believe that Obama is a Muslim.They use the terms "mistaken" and" false" to describe the 18-25% of people who believe he is a Muslim.
However as I and others wrote 1-2 years he was born to a Muslim father,therefore defacto a Muslim.Thye religion does not recognize any conversion or renunciation away from Islam.
In grade school, his religion was "Muslim" and he went to religious services.
That later he "became a Christian" was probably a political decision.Even if not, his heart belongs to Islam,his philosophy is LEFT-that blames the US for Islamic misfortunes. He does not believe in American exceptionalism.
That I wrote that he is a PINTELE Muslim speaks to his Neshama -his soul, and that his actions and words bear out.
Pintele refers to a"spark" as we use it in the terminology a "pintele Yid" someone removed from the religion, but at some point , that spark comes to the surface.
Barack Hussein Obama ehhibits more than a "spark" -he is the real thing!