Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Missouri vote / new cars in Gaza / S-300 in Iran

The 71% of Missouri voters who favored Proposition C yesterday sent a real message to Washington.They clearly stated that they oppose the mandatory health insurance that Obamacare requires.
Despite Harry Reid saying that Americans will love the healthcare bill once they learn about it,it appears the opposite is the case.Two additional states will vote on similar measures in Nov.
Taken with the preliminary Fed Court ruling, the left should be getting a little nervous.

It was amazing to see new shiny 2010 American automobiles entering Gaza via huge tunnels from Egypt.Poor deprived Gazans .

The announcement from Iran that they have S-300' even if not true,makes it imperative that Israel get ready to do what it has to do before it is too late, As we said all ,of these rockets and mortars are a diversion to keep Israel off balance, They will not be fooled.